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Posted by on Apr 22, 2013 in Educate, Elevate, Empower, Inspiration, Resources, Woman on the RISE | 0 comments

Woman on the RISE ~ Katie Dixon

Woman on the RISE ~ Katie Dixon



Organization Name: Kadi 

Founder’s Name & Title: Katie Dixon | Owner |

Facebook Page: | Twitter: @Kadifit

Your 140 Character Pitch: Most of us are never more empowered in our day than right after a workout; it’s the ultimate feeling of reckless abandon. Inspiration from a workout can be a catalyst in your day!

Your immediate region {within 100 miles}: Lake Norman | Greater Charlotte NC

Featured products &/or services: First Class is free (see website for class schedule) (After that, memberships only $45/mo for unlimited classes).

What do people think you do for a living? Dance and exercise.

What do you actually do for a living? Dance, exercise, plan events, manage a team and tribe of people, accounting, clean, pay taxes, and all the other wonderful things that go along with owning a business. But dance and exercise is what makes it all worthwhile!

Tell us about your passions! Dance is my innate first love and passion. From it, I began finding love and joy in sharing the inspiration that comes from living your passions with others. Now, inspiring others is one of my greatest passions whether through blogging, speaking or dancing.

Who|what inspires what you do? As stereotypical as it is, my parents influenced me each in a different way. My dad has always been super athletic, and spent a good deal of time coaching us to do our best, and thus, passed on the competitive nature. My mom is a “words of affirmation” person, as well as an amazing writer, so she taught me how to use beautiful words to inspire others.

Was there a turning point in your life that led you to your current career? I had a wonderfully paying desk job for several years out of college, but knew in the back of my mind that if I didn’t spend every day dancing, I would later regret it. Knowing that the risk was worth it, I took a leap of faith, gave up the salary, sold most of what I owned, and never looked back!

If money weren’t a factor, what would you be doing? It’s not. This is it.

What’s in your Bucket List? Open more locations in amazing places around the world and live there a bit at a time. Have a beautiful family with my husband teaching them to live with passion and love all people! Go to Kenya to see our school that we’re building and meet all of the beautiful people!

Knowing all you know now, what would you tell your 20 year old self? Be yourself. Stop caring what people think. But don’t change anything else.

What’s you go-to stress reliever? Exercise and then wine. (Work hard to play hard).

How do you perceive retirement? Why retire? I’ll dance till the day I die… So, I guess just let everyone else do the work, but I take the classes.

Do you have a personal philosophy you’d like to share? Always make exercise a foundation in your day. The end of your workout will be the most empowered you feel, probably all day. Take that feeling with you and infuse it into all facets of your life. Arts, culture and passionate people are also a major part of that inspiration, so let your environment be your muse as well.

What would you like your legacy to be? Katie Dixon is the one who changed the perspective of fitness for people worldwide. It no longer was one part of your life, or your day, but something that changed you from the inside out. What were once “gyms” are now “lifestyle design studios” that went from stale and intimidating, to gorgeous and inspiring. What was once a place you tried to blend into and go un-noticed, became a community of energetic, uplifting people who all sought the best in each other. Because of it, people have the courage to change the “status quo” and go against the grain in all avenues of their life.


photo courtesy Courtney Linnehan

Editor’s Note: The Lake Norman area has a healthy number of dance studio options. Katie, and her fierce tribe, set Kadi apart. I chose Kadi for my daughter and myself because of the warm, kind atmosphere that is deeply rooted in engaging their community. I was also immediately drawn to Kadi’s commitment to the Kilgoris Project, which educates and feeds the children of a Maasai village in southwest Kenya.