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Posted by on Jul 6, 2013 in Educate, Empower, Resources, Woman on the RISE | 0 comments

Woman on the RISE – Janine Gelsinger

Woman on the RISE – Janine Gelsinger















Janine Gelsinger | Style Blogger, Educator, and Makeup Artist | @janine_gelsinger

For examples of blog contributions, see:

Your 140-character pitch: Style blogger, educator, makeup artist and speaker. Helping women communicate their message through style. Creator of the #boldlipchallenge

Your immediate region {within 100 miles}: Denver, Colorado

Featured products &/or services: Available to contribute blog content related to style, especially: connecting branding and personal style, beauty/makeup, mom style, children’s style and lifestyle pieces. Available for classes and speaking engagements.

What do people think you do for a living? Good question. I think that people know what I do, with the possible misperception that I work as much as I used to (which was all the time). These days, I believe the consensus is that I write for blogs, teach classes, and do makeup. I post a million photos of my adorable daughter, and a lot of red carpet commentary during awards season. Which is a relatively accurate assessment.

What do you actually do for a living? During the day, I am a stay-at-home momma to my favorite girl. After bedtime, I write about style for COUTUREcolorado Baby, eBags, and Women Who RISE. Squeezed in between somewhere, I produce photo shoots, meet with advertisers, present about style and branding, and still take the occasional makeup client.

Tell us about your passions! I am passionate about helping women speak with their style: finding a style that communicates their selves, their brand, their mission. I am passionate about motherhood, about supporting each other without judgement, using honestly and directness. I am passionate about style in all areas: beautifully designed children’s products, expressive photography, modern home furnishings, a gorgeously plated meal.

Who|what inspires what you do? Of course there are great artists and business women I look up to, but no one inspires me more than my clients. Getting to know someone, and then taking a cue from their Pinterest, their wedding, their branding to determine what style direction to go in… that is the spark of creativity I crave.

Was there a turning point in your life that led you to your current career? The birth of my daughter ripped me from my seventy hour work weeks and turned my priorities on their heads. I say “no” a lot more now, and find the projects I do take on must past the test: do they feed me instead of drain me? Having clear boundaries and not giving 110% to my work has been one of the hardest changes I’ve made in my life, and the most rewarding.

If money weren’t a factor, what would you be doing? I’d like to say I’d not work, but the thing is… there would still be those people asking questions on facebook. You know the ones: “What should I wear for my family photos?” “I’m traveling with my baby, any tips?” “Which shoes work better with this skirt?” “I need a new lipstick, what was the one you were wearing the other night?” These are the questions I get everyday, and I love it. It is what inspired me to start blogging and teaching, and I doubt they would stop. That’s a roundabout way of saying that if money weren’t a factor, I’d probably do exactly what I do now… but my closet would be a lot bigger!

What’s in your Bucket List? I’m not really a bucket list type of gal. If there’s something I really want to do, I work like crazy to make it happen, then check it off and move on. If I must, I’d say writing a book and being a guest on the Today Show are current goals of mine.

Knowing all you know now, what would you tell your 20 year old self? Not a thing. I’d give her a hug and tell her she was doing great. Every mistake I made, every epic failure, painful heartbreak, job loss, breakdown of a friendship… its tempting to erase them, but they led me to the place I’m in today. There’s no where I’d rather be.

What’s your go-to stress reliever? I’m a sucker for some mindless Bravo tv. When things are crazy, its nice to just shut my brain off for a while.

How do you perceive retirement? I feel strongly that the old model of working your tail off until 55, then cashing in to relax, is outdated for modern women. In fact, I’d love to see more American workplaces embrace the need women have for better work-life balance while they are still young… but that is another topic for another time. Personally, at different times in my life, I’ve wanted a different balance between work and family or other pursuits. I’m sure this will continue to grow and adjust during different phases, and as I evolve, so will my career. I don’t have a set stopping point, but I intend to enjoy the ride.

Do you have a personal philosophy you’d like to share?

“Its just lipstick… it washes off.” ;)

What would you like your legacy to be? I hope that, first and foremost, I raise my daughter to embrace who she is, and share her light with the world. Beyond that, my humble hope is that even a tiny number the people I’ve crossed paths with in life felt more beautiful, capable, confident, or joyful because of something I said or did.  And that they wore a bright lip and thought of me!