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Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Elevate, Empower, Woman on the RISE | 0 comments

Woman on the RISE – Emilia Dlugolecka

Woman on the RISE – Emilia Dlugolecka














Mr. & Mrs. DIGZ

Founder’s Name & Title: Emilia Dlugolecka, President | |

Your immediate region {within 100 miles}: Chicago, IL

Featured products &/or services: Mr. & Mrs. DIGZ features handmade items by 43 local designers, new clothing and accessories,  designer vintage items spanning from 1920’s – 1990’s, and high-end designer resale.

What do people think you do for a living? People think since I own my own business I can come and go as I please.

What do you actually do for a living? I work 7 days a week, run a business with my 3 partners… me, myself and I. It is extremely overwhelming at times but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Tell us about your passions! I love helping people feel comfortable in their own skin. Selling clothing is not just about trends or looking good. It’s very much so about the way you feel. My job is done when I have made someone feel good about themselves.

Who|what inspires what you do? My clients inspire me. They come to me for help and I cannot let them down.

Was there a turning point in your life that led you to your current career? I was laid off from my corporate job as a graphic designer. When the real estate market tanked, so did my job! I knew I did not want to go back to the same day in / day out kind of job. After 3 months of being unemployed I finally woke up one morning, got in my car and started looking for store fronts. The rest is history!

If money weren’t a factor, what would you be doing? I would be expanding my 4-part concept to other cities. People are so talented and creative. There need to be more stores that offer handmade items. They are so unique and special.

What’s in your Bucket List? Paris for sure. I haven’t had a vacation since I started working for myself so a trip to Paris is pretty high on my list!

Knowing all you know now, what would you tell your 20 year old self? SAVE YOUR MONEY! When I think about how much money I have spent over the years on random things I did not need and sometimes didn’t even want, well, it makes me ill!

What’s you go-to stress reliever? My 2-year old daughter, Lillienne, is my stress reliever. I take one look at her and POOF! My stress goes away.

How do you perceive retirement? Retirement is a scary word for me. Having lost my job also means losing your 401k and all of those “protect your future” type of things that go along with having a corporate job. I don’t feel as secure now but these types of issues are not the end of the world. One call to a Financial Planner and life gets put back on track.

Do you have a personal philosophy you’d like to share?

“When life hands you lemons, add tequila and salt!”

Life will never be perfect so stay strong, stay positive, and believe in yourself.