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Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Elevate, Empower, Woman on the RISE | 0 comments

Woman on the RISE – Barbara Viteri

Woman on the RISE – Barbara Viteri

Profile Me

Viteri Style Management, LLC

Barbara Viteri | Founder and Studio Style Manager | | | @ViteriStyle

Your 140-character pitch: Viteri Style Management provides practical solutions to boutique interior design firms via software setup, visual marketing & cool products.

Your Elevateher pitch! Interior Designers who are striving to build their business do not need to hire Business Managers, but learn to become one. We show them how.

Your immediate region: Our company works “virtually” nationwide. We communicate with our clients via virtual meetings set up on secure servers for maximum convenience and effectiveness.

Featured products and services: VSM services consist of our unique management style in software setup, training, support and bookkeeping skills through the Design Manager Cloud and CloudSpace software. We also highlight our clients on many of our social media tables for additional press exposure along with stylish products to enhance their firm’s presentations.

What do people think you do for a living? They are still guessing, but mostly PR for the design industry’s elite.

What do you actually do for a living? I created my dream job. I get to work with interior designers that range from solopreneurs to firms that staff no more than 5 people including the designer. I do exactly what my 140-character pitch says, but with a twist. The twist being that I make cool.

Tell us about your passions! I think it’s a given I am passionate about Interior Designers. Especially designers that have recognized their passion for design and want to formulate it into a business. It’s not my style to be a Business Consultant or Coach, but their go-to person to help them find their style on managing their own business.

Who/what inspires what you do? This may surprise people, but it is very difficult for me to get inspired. I don’t know what it is, but I miss the signs for inspiration all the time. Maybe it stems from my upbringing (which I will leave to a book I may write one day) but I had to develop a skill I call “Pick your Pro”. This simply means when I’m seeking answers/inspiration I go directly to the source that will provide those answers? It does not matter if it is a celebrity, designer, client or even someone I particularly don’t like, I will find a way to get my inspiration just by picking the right person for me and for what I need. It’s not conventional, but it fits my style very well.

Was there a turning point in your life that led you to your current career? Absolutely! I was working for an interior designer that did not appreciate my skillset, which had elevated her business to a noticeable level in a short period of time. Missing those inspirational signs to start my own business, it took another designer to seek me out and make me recognize how valuable my services would be to other interior designers. She became my very first client and I am honored to say that she is still part of my fabulous roster of design clientele. I was very lucky she delivered inspiration to me personally.

If money weren’t a factor, what would you be doing? For those who don’t know me, I’m pretty blunt and honest. I’ve seen most answers to this question being; “Exactly what I am doing now”. This is not going to be my answer. I would take my working hours and devote them more to my family, friends and charity. Keep in mind some of my friends happen to be designers, but I would truly take that precious time to spend with the ones I love. We get so busy trying to figure out the balance that if this question was a reality, it would be the answer to the balancing act we all struggle with.

What’s in your Bucket List? Here’s another shocker for you, I don’t have one. I am a firm believer that if you put something out into the universe it can definitely happen. Trust me on this one. I’m a prime example of it. With that being said, I do have an answer for this question. If you have ever seen the movie The Money Pit, I am Shelly Long and my husband is Tom Hanks. We are living in a money pit house that every square inch needs to be renovated, including the exterior and the entire property it sits on. I would love to see it completed in my lifetime. This is my honest answer to this question!

Knowing all you know now, what would you tell your 20 year old self? Well from one Barbara to another Barbara I would say, “Don’t you dare underestimate the power of your own instinct.” That would be Barbara Corcoran telling me this to tell my 20 year old self.

What’s your go-to stress reliever? ZUMBA! There is something so emotionally freeing in dancing that a spa treatment or lit scented candle just won’t cut it. I’ve been known to take two consecutive hardcore classes and come back for one more a few hours later. Yeah I have those stressful days but drenched in sweat and exhaustion it becomes my rejuvenation. I try to take a class at least twice a week, but if I can’t my living room can become a club scene. LOL!

How do you perceive retirement? When I can travel the world and stay in locations for more than two weeks at a time. Retirement for me would be to experience the world without a deadline.

Do you have a personal philosophy you’d like to share? I have a few, but I love to share this one as it is a big confidence booster; “When you walk up to Opportunity’s door- don’t knock on it. Kick that b*tch in, smile and introduce yourself.” ~ Dwayne Johnson

What would you like your legacy to be? That I was a great mother, wife, daughter and friend.