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Posted by on Aug 31, 2013 in Elevate, Inspiration, Woman on the RISE | 0 comments

Speak her Style: Kerri Butler

Speak her Style: Kerri Butler

Speak her Style: Kerri Butler



Dressing to match your message is easier than you think. Kerri Butler, Wedding and Event Planner, owner of A Touch of Bliss, and fearless leader to a team of wedding pros, is a perfect example of pulling your branding through your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at how her style speaks:


A Touch of Bliss’s logo and site is designed in a blue shade, so it is an obvious, but often overlooked, tip to dress in a similar color for a headshot. Kerri does just that in this chic blue cocktail dress. Another smart move? When developing your brand, look to your closet. Choose a color or colors for your brand that flatter you, as Kerri did. After all, you ARE your brand, so the color you choose should reflect your taste. An added bonus to this blue: it is subconsciously bridal, from Tiffany boxes to the “something blue”!


A dressy heel is everyday wear for Kerri. In fact, even at 10am, Kerri looks ready for a cocktail party. Why does she welcome new clients and conduct vendor meetings dressed to the nines? Kerri looks likes wedding guest, and it communicates to her clients the level of sophistication and style she can bring to their wedding. In Colorado, the land of sporty casual, Kerri demonstrates that A Touch of Bliss will bring the bling!


Classic pearl earrings are a smart wardrobe choice that speaks volumes. Although she plans creative, fashion forward events, Kerri also recognizes that her clients love to honor the traditions in their families. Wearing something that could have been a gift from Grandma shows respect for the past. Since the A Touch of Bliss logo is a bit Jetson-y retro in design, her branding mirrors this sentiment as well.


To recap: Kerri’s look from head to toe says that she is a wedding planner: ready to connect with brides to plan their chic, stylish soiree, with a wink to the traditional, and a touch of sparkle.


What about you? Does your look match your brand message? Come see me on the Big Girl Panty Tour and make your style speak!