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Posted by on Jul 27, 2013 in Educate, Elevate, Inspiration | 0 comments

Speak her Style: Jessica Alba

Speak her Style: Jessica Alba

Speak her Style


I speak to women about dressing to match your message, and no one is the face of her brand more than Jessica Alba. As the co-founder of the Honest Company, Jessica champions safe, stylish, and environmentally supportive products for babies, home & body. Here, Jessica could not have chosen a better outfit to project her brand. Let’s break it down:


A white top and jacket say “pure”, and since she is representing her non-toxic, chemical free, natural line, the color choice could not be more perfect.


A long coat references a lab coat a little, no? Jessica looks authoritative and a bit like a scientist, which ties back to her career: formulating the best products for the Honest Co. Coming from a background as an actress, it is smart for her to take on this more lab-friendly wardrobe, as it affirms her credibility in her new role.


Nothing says “I’m just like you!” more than a pair of jeans. Since the Honest Co. is targeted towards moms, this choice makes the outfit (and the wearer) more approachable.


Lastly, the Honest Company is known for stylish diaper prints and gorgeous packaging, so Jessica adds a fabulous pair of heels to be sure her image packs a stylish punch.


There you have it: Jessica’s looks from head to toe says that she is the face of a brand that is pure, scientifically formulated, stylish, and made by-moms-for-moms.


What about you? Does your look match your brand message? Come see me on the Big Girl Panty Tour and make your style speak!