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Posted by on Jul 7, 2013 in Elevate, Empower, Inspiration, Soul Food | 0 comments

Quitting vs. Surrender

Quitting vs. Surrender


Do you quit or do you surrender? Have you done both? A recent, and heated, debate has inspired this conversation. I invite you to share your thoughts.

There is a very big difference, and it’s my opinion that both have an important role in our lives. We are faced with choices every day and how we deal with them plays an enormous role in who we become, how we grow and the success we attain.

Here’s what quitting looks like: You make a choice based on all the information you have in that moment. Maybe it’s decades of information, maybe it’s a nanosecond. You make a choice, you determine at some point down the road that it is not the right choice for you. It isn’t a matter of dedication or commitment; you have no question that the choice is not one you’d make again. Maybe its ballroom dancing, or those MMA classes you just HAD to try {hello bruised shins & bloody knuckles!} It could be a job, or a new city or a relationship. Haircuts don’t count – you can’t quit those. You know you’re in the wrong place, on a path mistakenly, and you want out. That is quitting. And quitting is Ok, so long as you’ve qualified it and know how you got there and why you’re leaving. Because we all know that quitting also happens when we’ve failed to believe in ourselves, or our choices. Quitting means: All done.

Surrender is different. You are traveling down a road to somewhere you want to go, toward something that you are passionate about. It could be that degree you’ve been working on for years, or a physical transformation. Perhaps you’ve started a project that you underestimated, or you’re dealing with a strong internal battle {head, heart, combo?}. The point is, whatever your journey, you’ve hit a wall and you are struggling. You don’t want to walk away from this choice. You’re committed and passionate about it, but you do not know how to move forward. Enter surrender. Glorious, liberating, anxiety reducing surrender. Surrender is taking that heavy load and saying “Dear _____ {insert your higher power – God, Allah, Buddha, Oprah}, please help me carry this crazy heavy load right now. I am dedicated to seeing it through, but need your help getting over this hurdle and balancing the struggle.” Surrender is recognizing you are not alone in all you do, and that there is always a greater source of strength to call on. Surrender is often the difference between quitting for the wrong reasons and success. Surrender means: I will not quit, and I need some help accomplishing this.

Whenever I have to decide to stop or keep moving, I consider this. Surrender has saved many dreams from being put on a shelf. And knowing when to quit has saved me on more than one occasion. I hope this helps you discern the difference, or contributes to your own debate.

xo – joanna