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Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Elevate, Empower, Inspiration | 0 comments




It isn’t just a day to us. Love is a constant. Or, it should be. We are all made from love and it is the tie that binds us. Love motivates us, fills us, challenges us and can also be the most fleeting, fickle, elusive thing in the world. Yet we all seek it consistently, crave it and yearn to share it. So, this month, let’s talk about it!

Who and|or what do you love? How do you see love moving through your life? Tell us about acts of love you see daily! Share your thoughts on how we can live in love. Has love changed your life?

You get the idea! Share your stories. Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch! Let’s celebrate the #monthoflove together!