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Posted by on Apr 16, 2013 in Elevate, Empower, Inspiration, Soul Food | 0 comments

Launching My Heart…

Launching My Heart…


Oh buddy, this is scary! Like the kind of scary that you feel when you’re blindfolded and can’t feel the ground beneath you kind of scary. Don’t know that feeling? WELL YOU SHOULD!!! Here’s why… because if you aren’t challenging yourself, if you aren’t getting your heart pumping daily, feeling a stretch in your soul… then you are not living the life you are meant for. True story.

This project started a year and a half ago in my heart. At the time I was a mess. My life looked like a giant puzzle scattered all over the place. From the outside it looked neat & tidy, but those on the inside of my house knew the truth, and thankfully, loved me through it. One of my dearest gal pals came for a visit, and while sitting at my kitchen table this little idea was born. Except, it’s really not so little. As it grew, so did my fear. And boy have both gotten BIG! This past winter, after a whole bunch of a-HA moments, a lot of prayer, and my grandmother telling me it was time {her words exactly: “darlin, I don’t know what’s cookin’ in that pretty head of yours, but it’s time to go do it”} and after cleaning my {proverbial & literal} house, I knew she was right. Here I am.

More importantly, here we are. Because Women Who RISE isn’t about me. I believe that I am living my purpose more now than I ever have. I have been blessed with so many wonderful connections, having met amazing people throughout my life & career. I also have the ability to connect with women in a way that allows them to face their fears, address the self doubt and see what’s possible. I want you to shine! So, here you go. This is your stage. Women Who RISE is about YOU. Talk to us, talk with each other, learn, share, collaborate, celebrate!

Here we goooooooo!

Yours, Joanna