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Posted by on Jul 28, 2013 in Elevate, Empower, Inspiration, Soul Food | 0 comments

Hurdles & Landmines

Hurdles & Landmines

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you think “huh, could this week get ANY wilder?” That was my week. For your amusement, I will share the highlights:

Attempting to work while on semi-vacation with others who were on total vacation, managing expectations personally and professionally, working with only internet on my phone and iPad because my laptop couldn’t connect, no cell service, leaving my laptop charger in one part of the state  {and is now nearly dead but  in a location where it will connect}, and losing my bank card. All in one week. It’s been an interesting few days. I frequently remind God that he overestimates my patience. He’s not buying it.

It has been quite a while since I have had a week like this. So, today, I am focused on being grateful, rather than being uber frustrated. Because, ultimately, none of these things mean much. Here’s why:

1. Family & love = all that matters. Who you love, who loves you – that’s where the power is friends. This week I had the opportunity to hug people that I don’t see everyday, tell them I love them, and enjoy time with them. I had the opportunity to play on the beach with my children, and I don’t care who you are or how challenging your life is, a day at the beach can help everything. This week I had a fresh lesson in unconditional love. Love that you choose to give regardless of someone’s views or behavior, and regardless of how they treat you. We all have people in our life who teach us this lesson, and it’s always funny who those people are. Being able to love someone unconditionally speaks more about your heart than theirs, and affords you the opportunity to be the love you want to experience more of.

2. Techno-addiction is bad. When we can’t go a full day without checking email or a status somewhere, we know we’re in trouble. All of it – the emails, texts, feeds, etc – is such a slippery slope. Critical for the connectivity of today’s world, but so much so that we feel like we are physically tied to it in order to feel functional. Having the freedom to {ok, being forced to} disconnect from all the static for a day  reminded me that my vitality is not tied to this. In fact, if I’m completely honest, it made me wonder what it would be like to live without all of it again. Think about that today- what would you spend your time doing if none of this existed? No email, no Facebook, no texting, no Twitter… give it some thought.

3. Challenges are meant to help us grow. Growth is painful, no matter how big or small the stretch. But without growth there can be no change, and life is all about change. Change of perspective, change of attitude, change of actions. Life only moves in one direction. Forward. You don’t have the luxury of an other option. As I sit here considering what I am meant to learn from this week, I am reminded of this. During the weeks that feel like I’m dodging landmines, I remember that once I clear them, they are behind me. Forward motion is good. Lessons learned are good. And God’s sense of humor is always wonderful in hindsight! :)

Today I am grateful for sand between my toes, wonderful phone calls, eye opening moments, seashells and wave jumping. The joy of watching my girls build sand castles and bury their treasures, the memory of watching my sons test the deeper waters. I am grateful for the boldness and courage of people who leave it all on the stage, and those who dare to take the stage uncertain of what they’ll share. I am grateful for time away from static, time better used to recharge and focus on the truly important things in life. And, for the opportunity to share these experiences with a wonderful audience.

We can’t clear every hurdle, and we can’t dodge every landmine. Take the scrapes and bruises and move forward. Learn and grow. You’ll be better for it. I know I am.

xo – joanna