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Posted by on May 10, 2013 in Educate, Elevate, Empower, Getting it Done, Resources | 0 comments

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day, a celebration of the women who nurture the masses, bake cookies, sew patches, dry tears, clean owwies, tell bedtime stories, heal broken hearts, teach lessons, create somethings out of nothings {hello, sock puppets!}, give the best hugs. Moms are nurses, cooks, teachers, dance instructors, technology experts, chauffeurs, housekeepers, stylists, referees, accountants, fundraisers, coaches… and that’s just at home. Motherhood is the best, richest, most delicious {and hardest} job in the world. For so many of us, Mother’s Day is a day of pampering, happy children, grateful loved ones and gifts. If we’re lucky, there are no dishes involved and laundry isn’t mentioned. ssshhhhhhhh

We are so blessed. We have families who love us, homes, lives rich with friends and family, a measure of security that so many others just don’t. So, this weekend while we are out with our family, enjoying brunch and gifts and all the fun of the holiday, why don’t we share our good fortune? Here are a handful of ways you can spread the good fortune to other mamas here and around the world. Let’s face it, this makes the procrastinators look like heroes. This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate all the moms!

Make a donation to @EveEnsler’s beautiful organization VDay here, and help end violence against women and girls.

One in four children in America is hungry. Learn more here about how you can make a difference through donation or community efforts through Feeding America.

Sit down with your family and join Do Something, an organization of people working to make a difference. So many great campaigns, with numerous ways to get involved locally and beyond. Raising compassionate children who get involved is a gift to future generations.

Do you know that women around the world spend 200 million hours per day collecting water? Send an ecard to all the moms you appreciate, from! The proceeds go to creating safe water options for every person on the planet.

This Mother’s Day, let’s do what we do best – let’s make a difference in the lives of others.

Happy Mother’s Day!!