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Posted by on Jul 31, 2014 in Elevate, Inspiration | 0 comments

Designerlebrities, the Hottest New Design Show!

Designerlebrities, the Hottest New Design Show!

Designerlebrities ™ are on Barbara Viteri’s Radar

She is smart, bold, quick witted, and doesn’t mind being underestimated. Barbara Viteri is the founder and owner of Viteri Style Management, a consulting firm that provides business management solutions to interior designers and creative support services to the design industry. She made RISE Magazine’s first cover and now has sealed a deal with The Design Network to executive produce and host her own talk show called, Designerlebrity ™ Talk with Barbara Viteri.



What made you want to take on online media and television?

“Social media is an amazing thing. It’s not like I was actively perusing to be the next Chelsea Handler with a talk show. You never know whose watching or paying attention to your posts, but if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter you’ll see my life and career play out like an entertaining show anyway. I honestly believe this is how I caught the eye of The Design Network and a few others.

“I wasn’t actively perusing to be the next Chelsea Handler with a talk show.”

One day I’m saying yes to speak at events to get over my stage fright, the next I’m saying yes to create and executive produce my own talk show. It’s pretty surreal.

You have a way with words, how did you come up with the title of the show?

I’ve always been a fanatic over interior designers since my first job at age 18 working for a high profile antique store called Howard Kaplan Antiques. That was 20 years ago, but back then designers in NY were socialites, had entourages and carried themselves just like Hollywood celebrities. I wasn’t starstruck when major celebrities like, Mariah Carey, Madonna or Sigourney Weaver came to the store, (well maybe a little) but when their designers did, like Mario Buatta, David Easton or the late Mark Hampton, I practically made them sign my autograph book. They were the celebrities to me. They were Designerlebrities ™. I coined that phrase years ago, but glad I trademark it. It always makes me giggle when I hear or see the industry use it.

You just entered your second year of business, how did you negotiate such an opportunity?

I use to work in real estate and enjoyed structuring deals. I notice when I was not emotionally attached to a deal I did great, but when I fell in love with one, I lost big. I decided in business I will never get emotionally attached so I could see the opportunity clearly and negotiate a deal I would pull a pen out for. The Design Network was not the only network pitching me. I had two other deals on the table from big networks in NYC. Both networks wanted me to do design reality TV type shows. It required me to put my family on TV and it was scripted. I have a cornel rule to never put my children on television and as much as I would have loved a free home renovation out of the deal, I wasn’t in LOVE with the concept of exploiting my family for viewer entertainment. I’m not a “Real Housewife”; I’m more of an Andy Cohen. My deal with TDN just made sense. The network will have new content and a full season of ready to broadcast shows, while I have complete creative control and an all access pass to designers I have stalked for years. Not a bad gig if you ask me.

“I’m not a ‘Real Housewife’; I’m more of an Andy Cohen.”

Give us the goods on what Designerlebrity ™ Talk will be about?

Well you and the viewers are in for a real treat. The show highlights fun conversations between Designerlebrities ™ and me. They are coming armed and ready to talk about specific projects they worked on, what they are up to now and give their expert advice to a few lucky viewers who sent in design dilemma questions through my social media request. I may not be an interior designer, but I have great taste in them. I hand selected designers I wanted to shoot the breeze with on the show.

“I may not be an interior designer, but I have great taste in them.”

I love that each and every one of them are coming on the show to play. They know I don’t shy away from questions and have no qualms to give my opinions, but they also know I’m a loyal fan who admires what they do and hold them in the highest regards. I want the viewers, to be entertained and educated at the same time. It’s a feel good show to inspire and give design enthusiasts like myself a fun fix to their day.

How do you plan to balance the new talk show and your growing business?

Though medication! (Just kidding.) I’ve given up on trying to hitch a ride on the Balance Train. It never pulls into my station. I think the odds are more in my favor as I love to manage things. I mean I’ve created a company to help interior designers learn how to manage their own business. So it comes a little easier to me to put my great managing skills to good use, especially taking on such a huge project like this talk show and recently the development of my new website. I’ve always been a go hard or go home kinda chick in everything I do. But my secret weapon to get things done has been to embrace the word NO. I turn down opportunities others may jump at the chance to get because I can’t give 100%. I say no to wonderful social networking events to say yes to one on one meetings with valuable people I want to build professional relationships with. I’ve given up on blogging to make time to grow other areas of my business and spend more time with my family. I say NO with conviction so when I say YES to something it is with passion and drive that is a force to be reckoned with. This is still no balancing act, but I promise you it never feels wrong or exhausting. It never feels like work.

Designerlebrity ™ Talk with Barbara Viteri will make its debut online and on syndicated television this Fall. Checkout The Design Network ( for further information. You can also watch it on Time Warner Cable in the North Carolina Market. Check your local listings.