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Camden Hoch, Radiance Coach



Camden has been a certified Life Coach since 2009 and has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 15 years.  She teaches both Vinyasa Flow and Yin yoga and has been inspired by her teachers Stephanie Keach, Sarah Powers, Baron Baptiste, Sabine Vera, and Shri and Stan Hubbard and many more. She naturally brings her expertise and eclectic life experiences to her teachings in a way that inspire her clients to be themselves and arrive in their lives ready to absorb, witness and take action. She is also a mom to her two girls, Lily (11) and Emma (10) and husband to Luke.

Camden embraces life with simplicity, transparency, generosity and compassion.  Yoga teaches her to listen and express her mission through her classes which are kind, challenging, intriguing and woven with wisdom philosophies and laughter too.  Experiencing yoga with Camden is a journey that you don’t want to end and you haven’t even left your mat!  The gift she shares in her teachings is the reflection of your own beauty, rhythm and knowing of yourself at a deeper level. She guides you on your path to connect to your mission from your highest potential and take that with you off the mat and into the world.


Camden got her start as a yoga teacher at my studio and taught there for many years. She was a people magnet right from the beginning. One of Camden’s most shining abilities is a perfection in the art of listening. I don’t honestly know if she worked to create this or whether she was born with it. I do know that she’s unafraid of letting her own vulnerability be seen, and in return, the person she’s listening to is enabled to better understand and communicate their own thoughts. It’s all about continuity of connection for her, and who doesn’t love that!”

Sabine Vera

Senior Yoga Instructor, Teacher’s Teacher, Bodywork Therapist, Wide-eyed, Fascinated Child of the Universe


Camden, Thank You! You’re truly accessible and humble, nonjudgmental, and you embrace each and every person with genuineness. You really care and I feel that.

~Renee, Mexico retreat

Camden is one of only a handful of people in my life that has pushed me to grow more than I could have ever imagined that first time that I walked into her studio.  Her grace and character show through her practice of yoga in every pose.  I’m learning when to push and when to yield both in my practice and in life.

Mark Tilghman, Social Entrepreneur, Founder and President of Mentorvations, Partner at FORMO Marketing and Advertising

You have been a friend and mentor on this journey lovingly called life. You have influenced not only the way I practice yoga and teach yoga, but also the way it flows off the mat and into my way of being.

Bitsy Moores
, Mother & Yoga Instructor