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Posted by on Oct 20, 2013 in Educate, Empower, Family, Inspiration | 0 comments

Balance: Um, Not This Week!

Balance: Um, Not This Week!


2012-08-01 00.05.08


Yeah. This is what my balance experiment looked like this week.

My calendar, all lined up for the week. The lists were made, the outlines created. What happened? Life. My youngest child got very sick and we ended up spending most of the week in the care of a medical team. Emails were unanswered, calls went to voicemail, lists collected dust. I didn’t make the baseball game, or the first concert of the year. No studying was done. Very little prep was done for Fall Market. All that mattered was making sure she got better. Where else would a mother be? No question; everything else gets put on hold. {To be fair & clear, her daddy was there every day too.}

No balance. Not even close. This weekend will be a flurry of catch-up, little sleep {a running theme} and prep for what will be a very full week ahead, which will lean heavily on the side of crazy! So, while I am enjoying this experiment, and all of your feedback on this subject, this week is proof of my belief… balance is what we look back and see, not something we are able to plan. We can’t account for the unknown when it comes to time.

I hope your week was fruitful! We’ll see what the next week brings. xo