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Grace McLain















Grace McLain plays myriad roles for Joanna Bailey Designs & Women Who RISE. As our Chief Information Specialist, she is the lady in the know. If we know we need to know, we ask Grace. And when she has something we need to know, she tells us. Grace is also an exemplary editor, team leader, liaison and visionary.

“A recent graduate of the University of Richmond, I am passionate about working to end global disparities, particularly in the areas of healthcare and women’s rights.  I have experience working and learning around the world, but have spent the most time in West Africa, where I hopes to return soon. Currently living in Vail, CO, I am learning about healthcare operations at a premier rehabilitation hospital and enjoying the gorgeous mountains.

I believe connections built through community are the best way to implement ideas and change the world.  I know women possess a power that can be harnessed and taken to new heights when they work together and have the opportunities to realize their potential. WWR and JBD work to provide these opportunities and equip women with everything they need to transform their lives and the world. Working on this team, I have the privilege of helping women find their passions and hearing amazing stories of transformation and joy. I can’t wait to see where the years will take both the team members and the women we work with!”