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joanna at desk - ali vagnini

Joanna Bailey | Founder & CEO

“It is my pleasure to meet you! Southern woman, single mother of four magnificent people, traveler, professional designer, trained chef, beach lover, sun worshiper, avid reader, insatiable student of life and wannabe dancing queen. Experienced juggler; recovering perfectionist. Proud Patriot of our beautiful country and those who serve to honor & protect our freedoms. Big fan of great people: salt of the earth, love their neighbor, intelligent, creative, open minded, kind, compassionate, faithful, funny people. A woman who understands failure well enough to appreciate success. I am a champion of dreams. My faith lies in the convergence of good old fashioned hard work and daring possibilities. I believe that our significance in life lies in the service of others. And, like everyone, I am a work in progress; growth is a constant endeavor.

Having spent twenty+ years in business for myself and others, I have enjoyed great success and endured epic failure. Personally and professionally I have intimate experience with the roller coaster that is life. There are so many people to thank in both regards, because what has emerged from my RISE journey is an understanding that we are all meant to learn from, share with, and help lift each other. I sincerely believe that we are meant to put our energy into what we love, because that is where the success in life is found. For years and years I focused on making a living, and was never satisfied. Once I started mapping out what I truly wanted my life to consist of, the joy, success, rewards and powerful connections were made. You can make a living or you can make a life. Embracing the difference is the key. I am here to champion others who do the same and empower those who want to.

I would like to leave the world a little better than I came to it. My commitment is connecting like-minded women in an effort to create positive spaces for them to make powerful choices that impact communities in the United States, and abroad.”