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Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment that enriches, educates & empowers women to elevate their lives!

Elevate:  There is power in numbers. We want to see Women Who RISE come together to the benefit of themselves and each other. We believe there is room for all the light and power each of you bring to the fold, and want to magnify that brilliance. Women Who RISE is here to encourage you to reach your goals. You will find support, inspiration, motivation and positive attitudes. We believe in putting our energy to work for the greater good. We also believe that a Macbook, Vitamin Water, lip gloss, an eyelash curler and a smile are some of your best tools. YOU are the reason we are here. Your story, your purpose, your vision and desire to put it on the map… that’s what ices our cake.

Educate: You want to create something unforgettable. Maybe you are in the process of creating something amazing. Or, perhaps, you’ve reached a plateau on your journey.  We understand that there are hurdles. While we all come equipped with greatness, success is NOT autonomous. So many times we come to a hurdle and it can feel like a mountain because we just don’t know how to start clearing our path again. One of the distinct purposes of Women Who RISE is creating a community of women who have remarkable skills, talents, passions and interests. Part of being a member is contributing a part of you to benefit others; the amount of time you contribute is optional. We want your contribution to make a mark here and watch that ripple through the world!

Empower:  We believe in collective brilliance. Women Who RISE are not one trick ponies. We know you are multi-talented, multi-tasked women. You are capable, intelligent, courageous, kind, dedicated, driven women who want to make a mark on the world. We have a code of conduct for a reason; we will not tolerate anything but the best from each and every woman involved in our organization. We ask that you help elevate others, encourage each other to reach further, and to want everyone you meet to succeed.  As a member, our resources are yours. When you are ready to take the big steps to execute your vision, the tools will be at your fingertips. We believe in you and will do all that we can to aide in your unique RISE.